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Packing and Labelling Services including Clearance and Storage

The careful packing of possessions and valuables is a crucial part of any successful move.

Squirrel has team of highly-trained packers that deliver a varied service from the supply of specialist packing materials through to a complete packing solution that will take care of the entire contents of a home including clearance, storage, packing and labelling.

Squirrel uses – whenever possible - recycled packaging products whilst ensuring maximum protection of your belongings during transportation, including our boxes, packing papers and wardrobe cartons.

When you hire us to handle the packing and unpacking, you benefit not only from our immense expertise, but also from the insurance cover that comes with our packing and unpacking services. This means that anything we touch is insured.

Full packing service

With our full packing service, we handle every aspect of your packing, from the kitchen utensils to the bedding, from the sturdy to the fragile, from the light to the heavy.

This service gives you the full freedom to go about your business while we work and also places all your belongings under our insurance cover. No hassle, no risks, and no confusion. We label every pack to make unpacking simple and smooth.

With our packing service for fragile items, we can spare you the risks. We sort and label everything, use export wrapping for items like antiques and polished furniture, wrap and crate delicate movables when necessary, and even create bespoke packs for items with unusual shapes.

Owner packing service

If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, we can supply you with all the packing materials you need, such as wardrobe cartons, bubble wrap, packing papers, tape, boxes of various sizes and marker pens.

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