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Shipping Container

Safe and Secure Long and Short-term Warehouse and Storage

Our security protocol is most stringent.

We organise our removal & storage operations to be efficient, safe and secure, with a minimal level of handling. Once your possessions are packed into the appropriate storage container(s), they are transferred from our vehicle to our warehouse and gently stacked.

Our warehouse facilities are purpose built to ensure the most efficient service is provided to our customers and your possessions remain untouched until when you need them.

Please enquire for the latest prices and to see what special offers are available.

We're here to help!

We can advise you on best practice, such as proper labelling. We also ensure that garden tools, bikes, lawnmowers and similar equipment are dry and without fuel to ensure that they are safely stored.

We will also advise you on things not to store - such as money, jewellery, deeds and other important documents, as well as aerosols, weapons and others.

We' re here to help and guide you throughout the entire process. Speak to our storage experts to help you get a good idea of what you need to do to make the process simple.

With over 8,000 square feet of secure, purpose-built storage space, Squirrel offers long- and short-term storage for your furniture and possessions.

We have:

  •   Over 150 storage containers, each offering 250 cubic feet worth of storage spacespace
  •   Archive storage for personal or business documents
  •   Racking system for palletised and oversized items
  •   External storage – 40ft, 20ft & 10ft shipping containers
  •   A dedicated area for storage of outside items, pots, plants, garden furniture and equipment etc.
  •   A secure compound for cars, vans, caravans and trailers

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